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Rental Licences

Register your holiday home and receive your Rental License.
In 2013 a registration system was introduced with which owners could voluntarily register their holiday homes, houses, villas or apartments. However, recently or in the very near future, it will be compulsory to register your property for rent. In 2017 the Spanish government was still reasonably flexible. It also depends on the state where you rent your property.

We therefore recommend that you register your holiday home as soon as possible to obtain your license number. The rules may vary different per state but in general all owners of a rental property will be required to register. It will become more stringent and more checks will be carried out.

We therefore recommend that you register your holiday home as soon as possible to obtain your license number. The Spanish government can, when registering, impose a fine if your license number is not known and you are demonstrably rent out your property.

Registration and obtaining a license number relate to holiday apartments, studios, villas, chalets, bungalows and other similar properties. Your property will have to meet the Spanish standards with regard to rentability, habitability and safety. Through an administraties office/ gestoria an appointment will be made with an architect and he will go through the house with you and take measurements and furthermore check whether your house meets the required standards. 

If your holiday accommodation has been approved, it will be registered. Once you have your license number, it must be included in all online platforms where you offer your holiday home. If you rent 2 to 4 holiday homes, you must register each property separate. If you rent 5 or more holiday homes, you must register as an 'Empresa' ( company ) instead of a private person. Your company will then receive a generic registration number, not as an individual registration of property but as a company.

The new tax obligations
These obligations will take effect in July 2017 and the online platforms will in principle have until the end of January 2019 the time to present the license number on their website.

Tax and renting of your holiday home
If you are a non-resident in Spain and receive an income from holiday rentals of your property, you must declare this income of 24% of your net rental income in Spain. You indicate this together with the declaration of non-residence ( Modelo 210 )

The costs you incur and the invoices you receive in relation to your property are deductible and can be set off against the declaration of your rental tax. Deductions include your home insurance, your mortgage, the communal expenses of the community, management contract, electricity, water and maintenance costs. All costs must be indicated including IVA or VAT.

Even if you are a non-resident in Spain, you still need to declare your holiday rental income here in Spain. Spain has a convention to prevent double taxation with a number of EU countries. Because your property is registered in Spain, you must declare your rental income here. You can not be taxed twice.

For more information, please contact our colleagues at Aserpro. They can assist you with your tax returns, all questions and registration of your holiday home.
Please consult their website: or you can send an email to:

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